Sunday, June 28, 2009

Closing for while

Because i have no idea for writing entry in BI so i decided to close this blog for a for all reader u can go to my other blog for new entry...Thankz...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Help People

Yesterday night I go to gambang city because help my friend to repair their motorcycle. yesterday my friend motorcycle has broke down. I just helping my friend name amir. he handle all the problem with cool face. he know everything about motor but yesterday night when he repair that motor he get scrath at their hand and blood out so many. but he ignore the blood. he continue their work until finish. and we all go home at 12am.after we arrive at home we all sleep so tightly.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nothing Funny Today

today i dont have a class. so when class is not available i will sleep until noon. after i wake up i go to post office for pay utilities bills and after that i go to maxis branch for register my number to youth club. after that i dont do anything...until now.. so bored this day...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nissan more than perfect

So many car in this world and many company have make a improve for make their car is like by everyone. but I since shild interest at car made by Nissan. Especially nissan skyline gtr34. skyline make me crazy, i like skyline very much. i also like another car made by nissan like Nissan Cefiro A31,Nissan Bluebird, Nissan Fairlady z, Nissan 350z and many more. actually car make me be a strong man. more power of the car make a man so proud and feel so strong.

Wow tonight food so delicious

today my friend edy and izal make a special food for our home member. they cook ayam masak kicap but not same like other people cook.because so delicious. i also help they cook. i cook rice. after all food have cook. we eat together with edy and izal. after we done eat we feel so happy. because we all not hungry dah. tomorrow we cant eat together more. because we all want go back to village.thats all.but we feel so happy.

Get Loan Make We Happy.

11.30am,Location around MegaMall Kuantan.

I have friend name amir but now we call him Dato Amir because today he got funds from MARA loan. Amir wake up so early this morning and look at his face so happy. I know why he feel so happy, because he get her money today. after wake up we go college because have program "Bersama Di Ambang Peperiksaan". After that we dont sit to long at the program because we so bored, and we check the position and have no lecture at behind and we go fly. after that we go home n my mmbr go take their money n ask me to go megamall. and the we go megamall and round around megamall after that dato amir want go buy new handset. after that all my friend ask him to pay we eat at McD. and Dato Amir n Dato Hanif have pay 8 member eat mcvalue we so happy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Money Make Our Life Is Better

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